Documentation on the Unofficial Gunbot Docker container

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I have been a Gunbot community member since 2019 and decided to help the community out with a need of a standardized containizered app of Gunbot for an easy to run setup.

This setup will allow for a vanilla, Gunbot setup, in less than a minute, allowing fully customizations, while providing one with the latest version, at all times.


Key capabilities of this Gunbot container:

  • Auto-builds with the latest stable version of Gunbot, use the tag :latest

  • Auto-builds with the latest beta version of Gunbot, use the tag :beta

  • Multi-platform support ( amd64 and arm64 )

  • Supports HTTPS by default with the Web GUI

  • Gunthy Marketplace custom scripts are supported (requires using persistent data)

  • Listed on the Gunthy Marketplace, check us out

What is Gunbot

Gunbot is an easy-to-use, advanced crypto trading bot. You define or select a trading strategy and watch Gunbot trade. Enabling you to get up to hundreds of profitable trades per day, 24/7.

Learn more about Gunbot at

Gunbot Licensing

First, Gunbot requires licensing to run and please check out the latest licensing details on the Gunbot Wiki at Gunbot About Blockchain Licensing.

To acquire a license, please reach out to a Gunbot Reseller for more information.



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  • Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisory before making any investment decision. Gunbot will not be held responsible for the investment decisions you make.

  • I am not responsible for any data, financial impact, or harm as a result of using the container.

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